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A command line tool, ssf2svg for Small Sketch Data Conversion

I have made a new command line tool ssf2svg for SmallSketch native data format SSF converter. You can convert SSF into SVG.


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Small Sketch version 1.8.0 Release: Backup and Restore

Export All Sketches

Add support backup and restore.
Please use this feature in the case of geting a new android device.

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Small Sketch version 1.7.8 Release

File Manager UI improvments

File manager UI improvements: PageItemView widened.

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Small Sketch 1.6.8 Release, Get multi colors

SmallSketch Multi Colors Pen

From this version, Small Sketch supports multi colors pen.

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Small Sketch 1.6.4, Support EMR Pen with ERASER

EMR Pen with eraser

Small Sketch version 1.6.4 get eraser input support.

S Pen does not have a eraser feature, but some thrid party S Pen compatible EMR Pens have it.

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Small Sketch 1.4.6, Star Group Feature


Small Sketch version 1.4.6, adding a star group feature.

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Small Sketch 1.4.2, Pinning Feature


Small Sketch version 1.4.2, adding pinning feature for file manager.

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Small Sketch and Resize Group

Resizing Group Demo

Today I updated Small Sketch app to version 1.2.1. This update has resizing group function. As demo video, you can resize a group with dragging right bottom resize handle on the group border.

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Small Sketch and Clipboard

clipboard demo how to use

I added the clipboard feature so that you can keep some sketches in order to reuse. This feature has been implemented by Another App Small Sketch Box, now it's built in Small Sketch.

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Coto Paper and sketch making


Coto Paper has a export file feature.

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I released new applications, Small Sketch and Small Sketch Box

SmallSketch and Box

Finally I was released two new applications, SmallSketch and SmallSketch Box on Google Play Store.

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