Coto Note +, pen settings tool improvement

Coto Note Plus Pen Settings

I released Coto Note + version 1.0.3. This update make pen settings tool better.
Not only you can change pen or eraser tool by tapping the left top corner pen icon but also you can change pen stroke width. This change make changing pen stroke width easier than before.

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Coto Note + Release

Coto Note Plus

Yesterday, I released new app Coto Note + on the google play store. This app has the same sketch editing engine of Coto Note. Additinal function of Coto Note + is tab. You can edit multiple notes at the same time. For now this is only advantage of Coto Note + against Coto Note. In the near future, I will add some functions to Coto Note +.

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Coto Note 1.2.5 Release and the MIME Type issue with Storage Access Framework

Yesterday, I was released Coto Note version 1.2.5. By this update, you can only open the file that has Coto Note MIME Type. On the other hand, you can not open the file that does not have Coto Note MIME type.

Coto Note app use Storage Access Framework with file management, but in some cases MIME type filter function might not work properly. For example, you save your coto note file into local storage, you could not open it again. If you encounter such a problem, please use the option Coto Note MIME Type Filtering in the settings.

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3本のスタイラスに対してそれぞれキャリブレーション設定を保存できる Coto Note


Coto Note has the calibration settings feature that has three presets. As a result, you cat do preseting calibration three different styluses.


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