Demo graph paper 2021 editor engine prototype


This is a demo video that is a tentative new graph paper 2021 editor engine.

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A command line tool, ssf2svg for Small Sketch Data Conversion

I have made a new command line tool ssf2svg for SmallSketch native data format SSF converter. You can convert SSF into SVG.


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MindBoard 2019 version 1.6.6 Settings Improvements

I have been added some setting options:

  • Pen Thickness
  • Background Color
  • Save as Default

Pen Thickness

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Small Sketch version 1.8.0 Release: Backup and Restore

Export All Sketches

Add support for backup and restore.
Please use this feature in the case of geting a new android device.

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Small Sketch version 1.7.8 Release

File Manager UI improvments

File manager UI improvements: making each pageItemView widened.

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